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  • Who We Are
  • CLASS 100 is an online English education platform for Chinese public school students.

  • What We Do
  • CLASS100 expertly partners with public schools across China to deliver technology into their English classes. Our real-time classroom seamlessly connects teachers and students across the globe. We provide a comprehensive setting for Chinese students all across the country to have an unparalleled experience learning English from American, Canadian and British teachers. Designed as a dual-teacher classroom—one foreign teacher to teach and one Chinese teacher to assist—we guarantee the efficacy and quality of our classes.

  • What We Believe
  • The mainstay of our core values at CLASS100 is centered around redressing the imbalance of educational resources in China. We also believe that the future of education is interwoven with technology. It is our conviction that virtual classrooms can offer the perfect venue for underprivileged students to acquire knowledge in an imaginative, fun, and intuitive manner. CLASS100 is committed to ensuring that every Chinese student, no matter who they are or where they live, will have equal access to knowledge.

Why CLASS 100

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  • Felicia

    I've never been happier! CLASS100 offers a niche that meets all of my needs; I teach in a classroom setting while also being mobile, I have growth opportunity, and teamwork. CLASS100 is a community to build lasting relationships. I feel a sense of self-worth, appreciation, and recognition all because of the quality of people that work for Class100! Similar companies can’t offer the level of availability of staff; they are always helpful, caring and positive. They work feverishly to make it all come together. CLASS100's commitment to providing education to all children, regardless of privilege, is second to none!

  • Lori

    Class 100 is the place to work if you value community, family, emotional well-being and respect. Your opinion, your input and your concerns are noted and addressed in a timely manner. This is the first company that knows me by name as well as the names of my children. I have been told to “log off and take a rest.” When other companies would have mindlessly docked my pay. The PowerPoints are extremely user-friendly and require NO PREP, only moderate previewing.

  • Shelby

    I have worked with Class100 for months now and I still get excited about my classes every evening! I was looking for a company to add to my schedule in the evenings EST time, and they have been the perfect fit. Their classes work great for my schedule and teaching in the Chinese public schools has been such a dream come true! Class100 brings me right into the classroom with the students, and there are always TA’s to assist during class should a need arise. The staff are wonderful and they want you to grow with the company! They truly care about each of their teachers and their satisfaction.

  • Stephanie

    I love working for Class100! The staff is top notch, very supportive and accessible. They offer a variety of hours teaching English to public school classes across China. It’s rewarding to interact with children that would otherwise have no contact with foreigners. Having taught in China before, I worried about how to control a large classroom online, but the lessons are well made and easy to execute successfully.  Class100 cares about its teachers and their development and even offers additional opportunities and tasks you can work up to.  Overall, it’s a great company with a wonderful mission. A refreshing change from some of the other online companies in China.

  • Scott

    I've been working with class100 for about 7 months now and I’ve really enjoyed it so far. They have been professional and understanding during that period. I can truthfully say I enjoy the classes as they have given me a great insight into Chinese culture. I’ve learned a lot about China from the lessons and I plan to visit China in the near future. I’m excited about what the future holds for class100 and I’m eager to play a part in it!